Reseller Hosting Can Help Your Web Design Business to Grow: Here’s How

Web Hosting

If you are a freelance web designer or a creative professional who owns and runs a web design business, you would know the major hindrances that often come with this business. To start with, you have too many deliverables and too little time; you are often short-staffed since you manage most operations single-handedly. Even if you outsource, you are compromising on the profits and increasing overheads. While you do manage to run your shop, it hits a plateau after a certain point, making you wary about growth. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then here’s a solution that you might want to consider.

Designing & hosting

Make your business more holistic by adding hosting to your service offerings. With an increased number of online businesses, there is always a need for a website, and where there is a website, there is hosting. And when you offer web hosting along with web design, it becomes a complete package for your clients, and they see you as a one-stop shop. To make it easier, you don’t even have to consider turning your design business into a full-fledged hosting company. You can opt for reseller hosting services and comfortably increase your service portfolio. Bigger hosting companies offer reseller packages to independent and small business owners and provide them with the necessary resources to run the business. From hardware, security, and even tech support is provided by the hosting company. You can break these service packages into smaller units and sell them to your client along with designing the website for them. Additionally, you can also add your own branding to the reseller business and promote it the way you want.

Here are a few more ways reseller hosting can boost your design business.

It will make your business more attractive to clients.

For a site owner, it is more convenient and valuable if they can find one service provider who can design, develop, and host their website. It helps them save on the website budget, they don’t have run between different service providers for design and hosting, and it adds more loyalty to your business-client relationship. When customers benefit from more, they become sustainable and profitable.

It will bring continuous income.

We all know that web designing is a one-time project. Even if someone redesigns a site, it will still not be a repeated activity for any client. As such, most of your work becomes random. If you add a hosting service to this, you will ensure recurring income, because unlike design, hosting is required 365 days and for as long as the business is running. This will boost your income, help you manage your overheads, and help you scale your profits over time.

It will enhance your work portfolio.

A successful professional/entrepreneur always adds more to his/her skillsets. If you have dedicated your life to designing and/or coding, then including reseller hosting will only boost that profile. And with increased qualification, you will only attract more clients.

Summing up…

Customers today expect more from their service providers than what is stated on papers. And adding reseller hosting to your web design business will do exactly that. It requires minimum investments, while helping you yield maximum profits, and reshaping your business portfolio. All you need is the drive to scale your business and a reliable and efficient hosting provider to support you with the necessary resources.


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