Responsive Infographic Newsletters Are Just What Your Business Needs

Responsive Infographic Newsletters Are Just What Your Business Needs

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Let’s begin with the notion that has been floating around for a long time now – Email is dead. We disagree though. In fact, the statistics are in disagreement too. According to CG Selections “National Email Onderzoek”, 68% consumers prefer email as their number one channel for consuming commercial messages while according to Direct Marketing Association, a whopping 66% purchase through the channel. We have this habit of jumping to an anticipated future when the truth is staring us in the eye already. Email marketing will possibly never die, but there is one thing about this medium of marketing – you need to keep it fresh and you need to evolve with the trends to keep it going. Among dozens of newsletters a consumer is receiving, how are you going to ensure yours is the one he/she reads? Here is how infographics, the supremely attractive tool, can bring you to the top of the game. • What are your goals? You may want to offer discounts or simply give information about your brand. It could be anything. However, you need to remember that your goal is the one that decides the journey. The kind of infographic that needs to be used depends entirely on what you want to impart to the consumer. Therefore, you need to set your goals loud and clear before involving your design team. • Templates can make or break your campaign You can’t be using any and every template that you find attractive. Only a handful of templates are actually suitable for emails. A newsletter needs to be informative but concise at the same times. This leaves timelines and comparisons out. Even data-centric information will be a little too much for a newsletter. You could go for simple listicle format infographics or photo journeys which work the best for any email campaign. They put the message across without compromising on the appeal factor. • Less is more Always! Smaller infographics are always appealing to the reader. All the information put together neatly, in a manner where not too much text is needed, is the best kind of infographic format to use. Nobody has the time to read long emails or newsletters these days. What your reader is looking for is information in ‘shortcuts’ so that they can understand what you are offering to them in just one glance. Time is a luxury and you need to ensure you aren’t wasting your reader’s time lest you want them to close their email and unsubscribe. These mini infographics take the least time to be made while providing maximum impact. You can expect a good conversion rate from these and increased engagement is pretty natural here. • Rising engagement and ROI Firstly, this DOES NOT happen overnight. Secondly, this DOES happen if given time. Consistency is the key. With infographic newsletters, the focus is mainly content and design of course but making just one of those and waiting for a throne in the industry with a red carpet rolled out for you will only make you pull out your hair. You need to send infographic newsletters from time to time to your subscribers and prospective consumers in order to garner their interest in your products or services. There is no way they will remember that one magnificent newsletter from you from 2002. Continue Reading:

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