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Points TO Remember For Email Marketing – Tips, Ideas & Tricks

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On the web there are so many articles, ideas and the blogs regarding email marketing campaigns, confusing the entrepreneur rather than showing the appropriate way of doing it. One blog will ask to look at email template designs, or the other one will suggest you consider the MailChimp templates o Relatively, they all are right in their approach, but not every time it works for every business. The different business needs different marketing strategies, yet one platform is universal- email marketing. The strategies used in the email marketing are although same, yet the business implements it according to their flexibility. Many of the business owners or the startups may think that to make the space to the customer’s email inbox is the real struggle, whereas it is not. Coming to the factual data and study, as an email marketer, you have to ensure that the right content is delivered to those email addresses who help you to increase the click-through rates.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY For the business to run successfully based on the email marketing campaigns, you do not have to look for the number of the email addresses are on your list. Instead how many of those add the value to your business is important. Therefore, as the business owner, you should focus on the quality of the email list rather than the quantity. Make it easy for the readers to hit UNSUBSCRIBE for they are not going to take your business anywhere. Keep the track of the engaged and active email list, so that you know how to increase the engagement with them for your business profits. Still, if you think it is difficult, then try sending the emails during OFF WORK TIME. SEND EMAILS DURING ‘NOT WORKING’ TIME While the people are on the desk, they hardly check their emails due to the busy schedule. There are data and research regarding which time is appropriate to shoot the emails to the customer, yet it is not relevant enough to be dependent on. Without making the fuss about such research analysis, it is wise to send the emails when the customer is not working. You can shoot the emails to the customers when they are not juggling the work emails. When the customers are at their leisure time, working on their own self they take the good look at their email inbox. The marketing emails get the deserved attention from the potential customer when they are focusing on themselves rather than the work.

SHORT AND SWEET SUBJECT LINE Instead of coming up with the tricky email lines, forming the sentences, as an email marketer, you should create it with 2-3 words. According to the analysis, the customer is more likely to pay attention to those emails which have the short subject line compared to the long sentences. The first 20 words of the first paragraph should be syncing with the email subject line. PERSONALIZE THE EMAIL CONTENT That does not mean you should keep repeating the names in the email content on the frequent basis. You should personalize the email template with the appropriate personalization details. While writing the name of the customer, do not use the initials like Dear, Mrs, Ms.etc. It does not sound good to the customer while reading it. Use the first name, always, if you are customizing the email template with the personalization details of the customer. Use the right punctuations after the first name. Do not personalize like how you want to. Instead of decorating, formalize it with the proper personalization efforts.

CREATE THE CONTENT FOR CUSTOMERS Just like you, as an email marketer, are obsessed with the promotion and marketing of your services and products; the customer is obsessed with themselves. Focus on the customer’s viewpoint instead of commercializing your brand/ business. Develop the content from the customer’s perspective instead of focusing on your suggestions, opinions or the products. Anything that is not focused on them i.e. Recipient, it will not fascinate them to even open the email and read your content properly. NO FUNCTIONS. NO FEATURES Why would the customer read the specifications of your products/ services on the email when they have already read on your website? Do not include the features and the functions of the business or specify how much will it be beneficial to them. No one likes the bragging and therefore there is no point in doing so to your loyal customers. If needed, in the utmost cases, you can define the features of the newly launched aspect of your business, but do not elongate it. Keep it short and let the customer do the R&D for the rest of the details to know in the better way.

CONCLUSION These are the tricks, ideas and the tips for the successful email marketing campaign to run in your business. The customization of the email template design can work wonders if you like to keep the email content short and sweet. Make the email templates work instead of your words or the slogans.

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