Google once claimed that for every $1 spent on Google Ads, it is common for businesses to earn an average sale of $2 through it. Not only that, but businesses that invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising do experience an increase in traffic entering their site and consequently, an overall increase in their brand presence online. Banner ads are the most popular form of inviting traffic to the site. Number of clicks on the link gives an estimation of users’ inclination on towards the brand. PPC advertising is used to generate quality leads by purchasing ad spots in auction.

It is important to understand the significance of PPC advertising. It is beyond the clicks that you receive on your ads. People opt for PPC advertising because it is fast, as you can start receiving traffic within minutes of starting the campaign. It is able to capture users’ attention, driving traffic to your site easily as it is designed for a specific product or service. A PPC campaign can be easily started in 48 hours, where in you can make changes in your ad amidst of the campaign.

Success of a campaign majorly depends on key words respectively. Key words are the most important factor to get serious customers to the site. For example the word ‘toothpaste’ is a generic keyword, and every one might bid for the word. However, one needs to focus on more explicit keywords, as, ‘toothpaste for sensation’ or ‘sensation relief toothpaste’. This increases the probability of conversions as people search for specific keywords related to their problem or need. Furthermore, you are able to track your conversions regularly to know the retention and attrition of customers. This will help you to amend your campaign accordingly with suitable changes in text. Conversions are not only measured in number of sales but different parameters matching the particular industry. It is also advisable that business owners’ monitor closely their spending on the keywords to keep in line with the purpose of your advertising. Google provides you all the tools to supervise and scrutinize your campaign. Auctioning on bidding for key words is tricky, hence, it is advised to be extra wise and not to fall in trap of ego based bidding. This sometimes, is challenging because big players inflate the bidding thus, resulting elevation in per click cost and you might end up paying more for your campaign.

The PPC is purchasing traffic for your website. The advertiser’s ad rank decides the appearance of the ad on the publisher’s website. The ad rank is decided by multiplying Cost Per Click (CPC) and the Quality score. CPC is the highest amount of price that the bidder is willing to pay for the key word and the Quality score depends on multiple factors such as the quality of the landing page, relevance of the key words etc. Mediaplus Digital is one of the leading digital marketing and web design Singapore agencies. They have all the resources, tools and experienced professionals to help you take your brand to a next level altogether.

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