How to Help Websites Get More Traffic and Bigger Audiences  


The number of visitors is important, but so is the number of unique visitors. And unfortunately, 75% of websites get fewer than 5,000 each month, which means most of these don’t get enough traffic. So if you’re in that 75% group and want to increase your traffic, here are some ideas you can use.

Figure Out Your Target 

This is a pretty basic step in any marketing campaign, but it’s never an easy one to make. Getting to know and truly understand your audience is paramount because it means you understand what you need to write.

As such, your content has to solve their most pressing need in order for you to optimise it for users. According to if users feel that interacting with your website takes too much time and it only frustrates them, they will think that your business is exactly the same. This could mean that they will never visit your website or business again!

But what if you don’t know the requirements of websites in terms of information or style?

The solution is trial and error. Test different styles, try out different topics, with a variety of images and tones. You can also look at the competition and what works for them, without copying their content, of course.

Use Email

Email marketing can bring a lot of traffic, and it’s pretty engaging. A person who subscribes by their own will to receive your updates is looking for quality information, so avoid too much spam.

Email marketing is a great tool if you send information that solves your audience’s needs. For instance, if you’re a parenting expert, you can send a few emails each week with encouraging or inspiring words. You can then link to your blog or website, where interested people can see offers for courses or books they should pay.

Employ Social Media

This is one of the best weapons for anyone who wants to increase their traffic. Social media helps you actively find and befriend clients. And if you’re relevant to them, they will share your posts with their friends. Besides, you’re also increasing your chances to rank higher on search engines. Remember to share and test to see what works well for your audience. 

Fiddle With SEO

If you want increased traffic, then you need to optimize your SEO. That’s not as difficult as it sounds. For instance, you would have to add title tags to grab attention and the interest of your visitors. It also lets search engines know what your page is about. Then there’s also external SEO that relates to link building, social media mentions, back-links and even paid ads. 

Traffic is paramount for bringing in more sales, so make sure you’re doing all the optimisations you can. Bringing in more unique visitors is directly related to the quality of your content marketing, SEO and social media use.

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