SEO Experts in Augusta Georgia That Built Agencies: A Simple Guide


A lot of Search Engine Optimization agencies started as an individual working as an SEO specialist. Usually, they had not seen themselves creating their own agency. They just stumbled on it and never look back. Most of these firms started by doing some research and reading articles from Search Engine Optimization websites.

Most of them learned from tweaking their own website and learning how to build quality links by talking to experts regularly. Listed below are some tips or guide on building and SEO empire.

The bust SEO clients come from word-of-mouth or referrals

We know this goes without saying that the best client companies can get is from past clients that are satisfied with the services company offers, friends, co-workers or family members. When people refer your firm to people they know, there is a big chance that you can close the deal without much problem.

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But if companies treat their clients poorly, not only they will lose those clients, but the number of referrals the company get regularly will start to go down dramatically. Because of this reason, companies need to have a clean slate or good reputation and be known for taking good care of their clients even when they do not think it makes a lot of sense to take care of them.

By doing this, you will continually gain more clients from referrals and can be useful for the company in the long run. Once firms learned how to attract clients through online marketing, customers will line up on their front door, literally and figuratively.

Do not rely on referrals

A lot of SEO firms used to rely on referrals or word-of-mouth as their primary revenue source. It is a lot easier to build a six-figure Search Engine Optimization company, assuming that the firm can provide the right services. Although it is tough to create a multi-million-dollar business only from referrals. Listed below are some ways to attract new clients:

Blogging – Constantly post fresh content on the firm’ blog site about Search Engine Optimization, SMM or social media marketing, content marketing and conversion optimization. The more technical the contents are and the more often the content, use data to make a point, the more leads the company will get. For example, A post about how contents affect the rankings of a website and the conversion attracts 50 new leads.

In contrast, another post is about not forgetting the use of marketing in content marketing only got 20 new leads. Both contents did well on social media, but the first one contained more data and statistics. In general, contents with more statistics and data will attract three times more leads compared to the content that does not contain statistics and data.

Try speaking at conferences – Search Engine Optimization, as well as marketing conferences used to be the venue where SEO firms can meet new clients. The best events to speak and meet future clients are non-industry events. For example, talking about digital marketing at a digital gambling symposium is a good idea.

You can meet big online gambling companies that are willing to spend millions of dollars on their online marketing campaign. From fitness to finance, and everything caught in between, non-industry gatherings usually bring in at least four times more revenue compared to industry gatherings.

Just make sure that you are speaking at an event that charges big money for registration fee – at least $1,000 per ticket – since it means that you are speaking to people that can afford your products or services. When speaking, talk about specific techniques or method that people can leverage. Show the audience some examples of firms that use these techniques. Wrap it up by showing reliable data and information that shows how these techniques can spell success for any company that uses it.

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Help bloggers – Another method to gain new clients was asking the help Technorati 100 companies and offer these organizations free Search Engine Optimization. A lot of these organizations will have second thoughts about these kinds of offers, but there will be firms that are willing to take the risk.

From Gawker Media to tech publishing giant, TechCrunch, SEO firms needs to provide free SEO for these companies in exchange for their website badge that shows “SEO by.” The badge will link back to the company website and can attract leads in the future. If the firm is lucky, these companies will do a blog post about the results that they receive from the SEO firm.

It can lead to a new revenue flow that can range from $100,000 to at least a million dollars. Speaking at conferences is considered as the leading way to attract new clients, blogging comes in a close second, and helping bloggers or social media influencers comes in third.

Never stop giving

One piece of advice that is very useful is not to stop giving. One-way SEO agencies become successful is by helping companies or individuals for free. When agencies started, there is a big chance that other organizations lend their helping hand for free to help them stand on their own.

That is why it is best to help other companies or individuals that are in need; like paying the good deed forward. Do not forget to do simple things like responding to blog comments or emails. It may be a small gesture from you, but for other people who are just starting to in this business, it might be the most significant help they can get and can be the turning point of their business.

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