SEO FOR Dummies follow These Steps to Increase your Traffic


The best way to increase your traffic is to work on your SEO strategy. Alt text: SEO written on white blocks with black letters.

Nowadays all business owners are aware that having a website to represents your business is a must. Customers and clients are addicted to the internet, so if they need something they will lean on it to find it. However, what is the point of having a website if there aren’t enough eyeballs on your website’s pages? Well, if you are stuck in such a predicament, your business might be severely suffering. The answer to your prayers is SEO fundamentals. Even as a beginner, you can use the SEO basics to your advantage and increase your traffic. Once you master SEO and what it represents your webpages will be overflooded with new visitors. So, here is all that you need to know as an SEO rookie.

How are SEO tactics linked to your future success?

Before you start learning and putting in a lot of effort towards optimizing your website to be SEO friendly, you need to understand why it is important in the first place. When you do a search on Google, you noticed that some websites appear on the front page. On the other hand, some are buried away on pages far away. Naturally, your website needs more traffic and audience, so your goal would be to appear on the first page. Of course, on top if possible. All pages that appear in searches on the first page have a very high SEO ranking. In other words, their content is unique, of high quality and it is user-friendly. Here are some SEO savvy steps that you can do to accomplish the same.

Today Google is the most-liked and the most used search engine. Alt text: home page of Google on a screen.

Can Google and other search engines interpret your website’s pages?

Improving SEO on your website is only possible if search engines are able to read and understand the content on your page. Also, if the search engine doesn’t understand it, it is possible that neither will your visitors. Here are a few simple things that you can do to make sure your website is understandable to all.

Increase your traffic by having a key phrase

Having a key phrase in your content is a must. Some will also refer to as a keyword. It should be relevant to your content since it is something that a search engine will pick up as a search parameter. However, don’t try to full the system. If you just jam it wherever you can, it will be marked as the content of lower quality and your ranking will substantially drop. What your goal should be is to have keywords on every page but implemented in an organic manner. If it is not forced and natural the key phrase will do wonders for your website’s rankings.

Your images must be optimized

When preparing content for your pages, you must make sure that your images are of high quality. In addition, be aware of the download time they bring to the table. Nobody has extra time and patience. If your page download time is more then a few seconds, it is very likely that a potential visitor will abort the search to your pages. However, your job is not done yet.  Once you have chosen relevant and good quality images, make sure they all have a description and alt text. This is a great opportunity to spontaneously use your key phrase.

When you master SEO basics, you will be able to move on to more advanced tactics. Alt text: all SEO tactics mentioned on a touch screen with a finger touching SEO process.

Don’t forget to add internal links

A great way to increase your traffic is to add internal links to your own content. This way you are discretely pointing your own visitors in the direction of something they are very likely interested in. This way you will boost your quality and user-friendliness. In reality, that is the key to SEO success.

For instance, you are the owner of a moving company and you want to increase your traffic on your website. At the moment you are not happy with the number of visitors nor the duration that they spend on your site. One of the things that will help you is writing content relevant to moving. While you are at it, add to your content links to your other pages. An article about moving abroad can have a link to your other article that gives advice on packing. This is a great SEO strategy for moving businesses that want to increase their traffic.

Add backlinks to your SEO tactic

Backlinks are a great way to get some extra press. That is how you can also increase your traffic. After all, the point is to be talked about, and if you can help it all the chit chat about your business will be positive. When choosing links to add to your site it is always wise to use links from trusted and highly rated websites. These links will carry a lot more weight when search engines rank your website. If you are wondering how to generate high-quality backlinks or if your chosen links are good enough, visit Domain Authority.

The importance of user experience

Being liked by search engines is indeed your first step. Nevertheless, once that is done, in order to have a successful business your website must be appealing to your visitors. Otherwise, they will not visit your site, or they will spend a minimal amount of time on it. Of course, that is the total opposite of what you are aiming for.

So, to have a great user experience you need to have the following covered:

  • No plagiarism on your pages
  • Avoid too much or too aggressive advertising
  • Have easy navigation on your pages

SEO tactics will be the best part of your digital marketing campaign. Alt text: SEO statistics shown on a screen.

Don’t forget…

Since you are a rookie in the world of SEO and you are doing your best to increase your traffic, at some point you might get carried away. From time to time do not forget about your visitors and clients. You are doing all of this for them. They are the final goal. Your final destination is their pleasure and in return their business with your company. To measure your SEO success, focus on backlink tracking, new visitors and duration of time spent on your site. Since now you know all the SEO basics it is time to become a true SEO wizard.

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