Great Web Design Ottawa Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate

Web Design

If you are struggling to reduce the bounce rate of your website, then you’re not alone. A lot of online websites have a high bounce rate, which means that your visitors leave the website without taking any action for making a purchase. There can be a lot of reasons why your website has a poor bounce rate. You need to optimize your website to reduce or minimize the birth rate and maximize conversions. Look for the best Ottawa web design agency to help you fix the issues and create a revenue-generating website for your business.

  1. Clear navigation design

The most important aspect of website design is the navigation menu. Navigation is the way for your visitors to browse through different pages and sections of your website. It is important to look for the best Ottawa web design agency to help you design a simple and intuitive navigation. It should be easy for the users to understand the navigation and they should be able to go to the desired page with a minimum number of clicks.

  1. Highlight main content of your website

A great web design trick to catch users’ attention is to highlight the main content on your website. If you are offering discounts or running promotions, you can create a banner image for the same and place it on the header of your website, where it is clearly visible. Showing special product images on the home page with product descriptions can also be a great way to increase conversions.

  1. Use white space

Using white space in your web design helps to create a balanced look on your website. If your website’s layout is poor, you could be losing a lot of business from Ottawa and other parts of the country. A cluttered website may fail to attract the users. Add enough white space between words and segments to make it easier for the visitors to read and understand the message you’re trying to convey.

  1. Include social share buttons

Have you added social sharing buttons on your website? Do you have a blog on your website? If not, you should look for an expert Ottawa web design company to help you redesign your website, or just integrate social share buttons so that the users can share your web pages on their social networks. This would help in both promoting you brand and  increasing your conversion rates.

When your website creates a visual or emotional impact on your visitors, you’ll be able to achieve success. Make sure that your business website has the simplest look and feel.

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