What To Look For in Custom Parts Machining

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Custom machined parts are used in both new product manufacturing and item repair scenarios. These are especially important when restoring equipment no longer supported by the original manufacturer, such as antique vehicles. When you are shopping for a custom machining shop, it is essential to consider how the process will affect your product design and which companies have experience working with your industry.

How the Process Works

Custom parts machining uses computer numerical control, CNC, to guide the milling and turning machines in cutting and refining parts. Your specifications are entered into the CNC program, which guides each stage of the manufacturing process and ensures that every part you order fits the bill. Most custom machining Santa Clara County companies will use subtractive manufacturing techniques or cut away unnecessary pieces, but some will also use additive manufacturing such as 3D printing for your parts. While both types of manufacturing will give you products matching your specifications, they cannot always be used on every material and may transfer unique properties to the finished product. For instance, 3D printing leaves distinctive lines between layers, which may affect the look of your product.

Industries Served

Since industries will differ in how parts and equipment are used, they will have unique specifications for materials and tolerances for these units. For instance, medical and food companies will need to use hypoallergenic materials in equipment parts touching people or finished food products. In contrast, the gas and oil industry will need materials that can withstand temperature and pressure extremes. Most custom parts machining companies will list the industries they work with online and may even have testimonials or reviews from clients to help you gauge the quality of their parts.

When you need custom parts for equipment repairs or new product prototypes, it is a good idea to turn to a custom machining company. These companies can work with you to determine the best method for producing your parts and which materials best match your specifications.


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