Shared Web Hosting - Everything You Need to Know

Shared Web Hosting – Everything You Need to Know

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From building a blog to portfolio or even an online store may have need time and money to keep a website running for years until it starts generating revenues. Reading this entire guide will let you know about the shared web hosting and also if it’s the right option for you? What is Shared Hosting? Shared hosting is a type of hosting service that essentially meant to keep the cost down and offers a decent performance and speed to your online website or blog. For instance, an apartment building with multiple residents residing in different areas of the apartment but sharing the same building which lets them share equivalent spaces to allocate various client. These resources are distributed to all those residing in the apartments so that everyone gets the similar functionalities and features. This is similar to the shared web hosting services. Through shared web hosting every website on a specific server shares the server and resources with other 100 websites hosted on the particular server. And, that how the cost gets of renting the server gets down. The money required to pay for shared hosting service is shared among all the website hosted on a server that how people saves the money. Benefits of Shared Hosting Plans There are few awesome benefits using shared hosting plans. The few features that were most likely to describe you will be: Saving money: We have already mentioned earlier that shared hosting plans are cheap and affordable with that shared web hosting is for everyone who is looking for a cheap and affordable host to start with a new blog or website. Technically managed: Mostly shared hosting plans are fully managed and come with very basic features. This means you do not have to worry other than managing the front end, marketing and sales, writing and maintaining a site content. Saves Time: Shared Hosting plans are really good if you’re not sure spending most of your time marinating and the front end of your website. But for a shared server all the technical aspects are maintained and fixed by the hosting company itself. So, you don’t need to worry other than paying your hosting fees and forget other things. Offers – Shared hosting companies provides offers such as coupon code, which you can use to save money on your Hosting bills. The disadvantage of a Shared Hosting Plan There are always been a few disadvantages associated with every hosting. Call it a Shared, VPS or Dedicated. Mostly shared hosting is coupled with a few possible pitfalls. Can’t handle big traffic – If your site grows to a level when the server is incapable of handling it either due to the server limits it becomes apparent for a shared hosting user to move in a bigger plan. Thus, you then need a VPS or dedicated server for such high traffic spikes. Speed – As the site grows with more content or using multimedia files, the end results are pathetic for even a blog. The website loading speed increases and may used up all shared resources on the server. As the site speed of your website is the most crucial factor. You may experience an increase in bounce rate. Less Control – Shared hosting is do not allow you customizing your server on your own. That means you do get a restricted access to all the functionalities. On the other hand, you get a whole lot of different thing with fully managed hosting. For those who want more control should go for VPS or dedicated a server for the best solution. Responsibilities: Your web Hosting and You With a shared server a web hosting provider is responsible for server setup. The cost involved here maintaining and upgrading the hardware and software’s are solely done by the host. The host may consume sometime while replacing drivers and for updates. But the moment you go for shared web hosting services, you’ll receive the fully fledged Control Panel to monitor traffic, upload files and set your mail accounts. Mostly all web hosting providers help you in regard to setting up everything for you. Each allotted shared hosting packages receives a certain amount of bandwidth, server space and features that are made to work directly from the Control Panel. Our Views Dipping your shoes in the ocean of Internet. Luckily shared hosting is inexpensive and that’s why trying and running up your new website or blog with a shared server is like spending much less compare to other hosting plans. In fact, there are bigger plans who are need of own server/pool then it might be expensive too. A warm welcome for all site owner and small business owners who need a better server that loads fast and handles peak traffic during sales season. Opting for a shared server does not include a lot of technical work so, it’s easy for every new website or a blog owner. Well many of us not necessarily have a very nice experience with shared hosting but the majority of us still like it to be best affordable service for small to medium scale business. Most individuals with moderately trafficked sites are thriving in a shared web hosting environment. This is because for the following reasons: Price Scalability Features Our recommended Tips In order to be online, it becomes clumsy for those who cannot invest a lot of money for the server. Shared hosting is the only solution through which your files, pages or software’s can be found online. The host is your facility and to remain online it helps the website to stay connected to the internet. Shared web hosting is a great deal of money where you keep the cost down by sharing the resources with others on the same server. 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